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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  October 4, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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with all the large fires in this area, residents are really becoming concerned. >> it's unbelievable. first the market and then the -- down the street. we are going to have to many places to stop down here. >> i'm really getting frustrated because there are so many fires down here. first the market, now the liquor store. all round us there is all these fires and it's getting really scary down here. >> reporter: because the building -- is 180 years old its being old construction. >> every time i hear a fire truck or alarm it gets me so mortgage scared. i think will the building collapse. i mean just so many things goo in your mind. >> reporter: in fell's point.
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don harrison. >> firefighters are still trying to figure out what started the fire but at this point they don't believe its arson. >> here we are october, still talking about orioles. we are a tough bunch. >> they turned it aaron. 93 and 69. up against a do or die game. they win and then come back to play the yankees. >> last night was obviously tough for the orioles fans but we have short memories and are already looking for a win tomorrow night. mike live tonight at the buffalo wild wings for an orange pride pep rally. we need this tonight after last night. >> reporter: this is a blast down here.
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we are having a great time. i can't believe how packed this place is for 5:30 right now. we he have heather, she is from upstate new york. we -- you are from baltimore. lived in baltimore. here we go. a -- what do you have? >> a little magic. >> let's hear it. >> orioles magic, make it happen. magic, magic, magic. >> i like it. you have to give me the lyrics. check this out. they sold 15,000 wings last weekend on just the boston series. we are talking about probably thousands, thousands of wings, for the game tomorrow. the do or die game. i'm starting to get into it. we are having a great time. we have a good crowd. the rest of the season. we are giving free stuff away. there is great food. hope you are 21.
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. >> bring us some wings back? >> we will never see him again. marry land sport heros are immortal. with all that they have done, where do you put all the baseball bats, jerseys, showing their great achievements. odds are they are at the sports legends of camden yards. items few of us get a chance to see. >> reporter: for all the moments, milestones and stories still being written, sports play a big role in many lives. some of our heros are recognized by their haircut,
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others by their first name and some by a number. today you can find most of that in the old camden station. >> we use any and everything to help us tell the story. >> many of those live on in displays for new experience,. >> only three people have access to this space. >> reporter: mike gibbons said the room known as the vault is where some of the more precious items stay. >> things that are not on display. things in our collection or on permanent loan here that help us interpret storey when is we put them on display. >> reporter: before you can lay a hand on any of the artifacts in the museum you must put on the white gloves. >> feel like mickey mouse. >> reporter: to avoid the natural oils and dust from human skin that can damage the items. >> this space is kept in the dark at a constant temperature at all times. >> reporter: walking through he
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said the artifacts range from things like the 1947 baltimore colts mascot saddle blanket. the mascot was a real horse and you may think the team's color was always blue and white. >> they were green and silver. 24 proves it. >> reporter: they have a ball cap . >> 1953 the browns, st. louis browns stopped existing. they transferred to become the orioles. >> reporter: and a number of trophy footballs. it's enough to make any fan spin but before we left he had to show off two of the crown jewels. >> late 18th century lacrosse sticks used by american indians. >> reporter: and the other. enough to leave you speechless. >> this is a bat that dates to 1927. it is a babe ruth bat that he used on his way to hitting 60 home runs. >> reporter: looking for the
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story and this orioles run to the playoffs, is --. >> that's the defining moment of the season so far. >> reporter: baltimore. >> great. john, used to work here works there. said john you better come over to my house because i'm throwing out. if you don't want it i'm throwing. it's all down there. gave him an hour. he came with a dump truck and loaded it up. the sports legend museum is located just beyond center field at the ballpark. ten to five tuesday through sunday. check out the babe ruth birth place and museum. that's a great stop. >> all right. thank you. toys r us getting ready for the holiday was hundreds of your favorite family move movies. watch out netflix and red box. they are thinking outside the box to bring month video hes to
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you. and not getting enough likes your facebook post? >> and after that sports story we have a look at baltimore through the day. charm city under the clouds and fog early on. now the sun coming out. how will it develop in to the weekend? answer straight ahead. you. we know you. we know you have to rise early... and work late, with not enough sleep in between. how you sometimes need to get over to that exit, like, right now. and how things aren't... just about you anymore. introducing the all-new, smart-sensing... honda accord.
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it starts with you.
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. tonight's consume ear alert. honda is recalling more than 820,000 civics and pilot suv's. apparently the wires connecting a switch that controls the headlights and turn signals can over heat and melt knocking out the low beam headlights. the recall affects civics 2002 and 2003 models and pilots in 2004 and 2005. they will fix the wiring for free. the civics and pilots were added to a similar recall announced after march. that recall affected more than 550,000crv's, small suv's from 2002 to 2004 model years and pilots 2003. toys r us gets ready for the holidays by launching a new video streaming service. it's called the digital service will offer four thousand family friendly movies and tv shows but it
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won't be subscription based. it'll be pay per rental or down load. they will be similar to i- tunes. $2.99 for 24 hour rental and $1.99 for a tv show. you know you can pay $7 to make sure your friends can view your facebook status updates. the new promote feature will bump your post to the top of the news feed. right now only a small amount of the 166 million user was able to take part in the trial run. facebook hasn't said if it'll become a permanent feature. this is the hot topic. we want to know what you think. would you pay seven dollars to move up your post? just head to the website and weigh in. more money, more money. >> that's great. it's the day after the big night. how both campaigns working to spin their candidate's
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performances. a place that helped families in need every single day gets a little help. what a story it is. how volunteers making life more comfortable at the ronald mcdonald house.
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. radar clear this afternoon. we think we will stay dry the next 48 to 72 hours. next chance for rain late saturday evening. could linger into the sunday time frame on did off through the day. as the orioles come back to have that first playoff game in town maybe not the best weather for it but i don't think anybody will carat that point. take a look at the weather in the city. not so bad. 79, the sun coming out. dew point 61 and the key difference tonight compared to the last two, fog is going to
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be a nonissue. we will look for dryer, move pleasant conditions overnight as the wins turn northwesterly. weather in motion through the day from dundock. cloudy through most of the day and then the sun. finally breaking through. making an appearance late in the day. same deal in belaire as we look at the heart of hartford. then the sun breaking through nicely late in the day. view from the naval academy. nice looking situation in to the open chesapeake. wind from the north and west around five to ten. breezy conditions, chance in wind direction. that's key into october and november. it's all about wind direction with that south breeze. warm and humid. winds turn northwesterly. already the humidity dropping, seeing dryer -- it's still
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muggy. little broader perspective and you can see the carp change withe frontal boundary. all the moisture and -- all the great conditions we have had the last few days, all that being pushed out to sea as we clear the skies. west to deep creek lake. skies already on the clear side. here is the set up as we go forward in tim time. dryer air in all night tonight and will last throughout the day. it'll be pleasant. not much clear air. secondary front containing the much cooler, more canada like air. this boundary arrives in ernest in maryland by saturday night had to sunday and as we go into sunday you will feel the change, also there will be showers lingering through the day on sunday.
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it appears right now. it can be a raw day. does look better. clear weather continues to push in. oscar may strengthen into a hurricane. the trajectory is to keep it out to sea. tonight 57, mostly clear, we get cooler by daybreak and then tomorrow up to 80 mostly sunny, less humid situation. then tomorrow night down to 58 degrees. clear, dry we will get cool later into the evening. looking at the weekend breezy saturday. we will make it above 70, probably low 70s and then saturday night a chance for shower, cool air in to the state. sunday when what a different day. 62 the improvement but still a cooler than average day out and about. you can always chick out the
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latest weather with the i- phone. we have the weather app along with the news app package. all available for you hour by hour weather down to the zip code. check it out. >> thank you. now to the candidates, according to viewers surveys, romney won last night's debate and he won big. cnn survey said 67% of viewers gave him the edge after his first meeting. will that translate into more votes on election day? we have more on what we are hearing the campaign trail today. i'm sure this is what ever is talking about. >> reporter: it is. they -- interesting thing. will it impact the election? couple of ways to break it down. one to look at historicly. that's what gollup did, taking a look at the last other years of debates, they found two impacted the election.
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in 1960 with nixon and kennedy and in 2000 with bush and gore. the other thing, is to look at what happened today when romney saw the story line shift in his direction. the republican nominee couldn't resist another stop in denver. he surprised colorado's action committee by joining his sons on stage and talking of feeling the energy. >> i said the president's vision has trickle down government and i don't think that's what american believes in. i see instead a prosperity that comes through freedom. >> reporter: the president made a denver appearance as well. he said last night's debate also reminded him of two things, both named romney. >> the real romney has been running around the country for the last year promising five trillon dollars in tax cuts to favor the wealthy, the -- last night he said he didn't know anything about that. >> reporter: romney used the
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debate to focus on a middle class squeeze that's happened in the president's first term. and many were surprised the president didn't bring up romney's remarks about how he views 47% of americans. it could have put romey any on defense. it's back to the campaign trail now. the president is in with wisconsin where was campaigning just one state over there joe biden who was in iowa and then we saw romney leave cole doll to go to virginia. he can campaigning with paul ryan. no surprise, all of those happen to be what is considered a key battleground state. >> he is back in virginia again and we know what that's about again? >> reporter: he was in virginia today campaigning. his campaign also put out a press release saying he will be back on monday. he is scheduled to give what they are calling a major foreign policy speech. we know one of the next debates
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will focus on foreign policy. we know one debate down, now the expectation game starts again. who has the most to loose, here is something to remember. since 1984, not one single candidate has scored more than 60% on the question who won the debate. that's nobody until last night when 67% of the people who watched the debate said they gave the win to romney. it's a first. >> all right. thank you for that report. we will check back with you tomorrow. tonight 15 people including a doctor are chasing charges in a medicare fraud scheme. it involved 23.2 million in false billing. they paid cash, kick backs to medicare people in exchange for physical therapy that wasn't medically necessary and on some occasions never provided to the people. >> providing comfort for families through tough times. that's part of the mission of
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the ronald mcdonald house. today the job became easier because of a dreamy donation and the strong back and hearts of volunteers who live to serve. bill fink with the report. >> reporter: those that dedicate their lives to public service are giving a little bit more. >> though we are firefighters for the public we do events like this to be able to help out the community. >> reporter: meet the volunteer, special events unit of the baltimore city fire department. when ronald mcdonald house charities put out the call for help fat ralphly the tireless team was one of the first to respond. >> you got it? >> reporter: it began with a gift. actually 72. >> we got an amazing donation of all new mattresses for the room. >> we need one more box spring. >> reporter: and generated in '2a call to arms for the tearing down, taking in and
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setting up of the mattresses. two beds in each of the 36 rooms. >> we are a home away from home for family was critically ill children who are being treated in one of the baltimore area hospitals. today this morning we had firefighters, ups, under armor, sal -- i hope i'm not missing anybody. >> reporter: more than 70 strong. >> they are great. they are great. it's -- we are way ahead of schedule. >> reporter: at this baltimore house there is never an empty room and always a waiting list. all the more reason to help. >> i have four healthy children and being able to come here to the ronald mcdonald house is a which to give back for the blessings i have. >> reporter: in baltimore, bill fink. >> and the giving continues. more volunteers came in this afternoon to make all the beds, just in time for the families
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return from a full day at the hospital. sleep tight tonight. >> that's what it's all about. >> at six, he died last month while in police custody. why the investigation into the death of anthony anderson is going all the way to the state attorney. >> and if you believe in luck and in fate it may hurt your health. the new study about believers and what it means for their health. those and a lot more coming up tonight at six. first, here is a preview of world news. >> we show you how to up the value of your home by thousands of dollars. >> a lot better. >> insiders tell you why there may be treasure in your driveway. we he are talking about real money. tonight.
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. video of alligator pool parties became a hit online. >> wildlife officials asking the owner of the attraction to change the way the parties done. the investigation stems complaints after the pool parties story went viral and among them this bun from the animal rights foundation. >> that somebody is wanting to have a live alligator is ridiculous and dangerous. >> they said letting swim freely in the pool, big safety concern. they want them restrained by a handleer at all times. the owner of the attraction said he was temporarily putting the pool parties on hold until he can verify that they are complying the guidelines. >>


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